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The price we pay for excellence

Education is expensive in any country that has a reputation for excellence. The trend is set to continue as education standards improve and employers demand for higher quality graduates increase. Education fees in these countries have risen well above the rate of inflation and it is believed they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

High Expectations

As parents,our expectations for our children’s futures are high, we wish to give them the best start in life that our finances allow. To avoid the unnecessary burden of short term budgeting, a long-term financial plan is essential.

Key Findings

  • 48% of parents expect a good university education to provide future income earning potential.
  • 65% of parents would prefer to send their children abroad for a better university education.
  • 60% of parents perceive the UK and the USA as offering the highest quality education.
  • 56% of parents find making decisions about their child’s education is a daunting prospect.
  • 67% of parents wish they had begun saving and planning earlier for their children’s education.
  • 31% of parents would allocate their funds to education, when presented with different options for supporting their child financially in life.

How can Montpelier help make education more affordable?

Financial Planning Expertise

The process begins with an honest and open conversation regarding your current financial status. It’s important for our advisors to fully understand our clients goals and objectives enabling us to perform a comprehensive analysis of their situation.

Overall Financial Outlook

We first look at your final objectives, the overall costs of Education fees, living expenses and accommodation for your children. How much would this actually be taking into account inflation and projected market trends? Would it be an astute decision to buy a property for your children to stay in rather than rent? Could letting a property contribute towards their education fees? Do you have a current savings that could provide higher returns invested in an EDU account? Would an offshore account invested in GBP, USD, AUD or SGD which provides tax free returns be a preferred option?

Montpelier Priority List

  • What is an affordable but realistic monthly sum to save?
  • Do you require flexibility to cover any unforeseen financial expenses that you may face in the future?
  • What are your attitude to risk versus return?
  • Would you prefer your savings in GBP or USD which would act as a hedge against possible future currency movements?

Benefits of Offshore Investment vs Local Investments

Offshore Investments
Local Investments
No Income Tax Income Tax Payable
USD, GBP & EURO Malaysian Ringgit

How to avoid Currency Fluctuation - USD vs MYR


We encourage our clients to invest in USD, GBP or AUD to avoid currency fluctuations as seen recently with the Malaysian Ringgit fluctuating against the American Dollar.

Montpelier Wealth Management vs Local Providers

montylogo malaysiainvest
Local Providers
Dedicated Portfolio Management Team None
Full Control over Investment Strategy No Control
Wider range of Investment Funds Limited range of Investment Funds

What do we do?

  • Help achieve financial security and future financial planning.
  • Protect wealth and investments
  • Educational fee planning
  • Property investments
  • Competitive management versus local providers

How do we do it?

  • Utilising offshore tax efficient structures
  • Utilising Government guaranteed jurisdictions
  • Investing in multi asset classes
  • Investing in multiple jurisdictions
  • Multiple currency choices
  • Discretionary fund management expertise
  • A choice of regular savings accounts, lump sum or a mixture of both


Would you like to reduce the cost of Education for your children?

It's never too late to reduce the cost of Education fees. Montpeliers Education consultants can help you make significant savings in just a couple of years. We have the expertise to make a difference that will secure you childrens education giving them a brighter future. Click here to find how we helped one of our clients reduce the cost of Education fees.

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